How to have a fun birthday during the COVID-19

One occasion which everyone in the whole year is looking forward to is their birthday but due to unfortunate circumstances which 2020 seems to be brining for all of us, it is nearly impossible to have a huge birthday bash and enjoy the moment. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate it at all.

Desperate times need desperate measures and you need to get creative if you really want to celebrate the birthday in a fun and energetic way. Here’s what you can do:

  • Front yard decor

Front yard is probably one of the best picks for kids party decorations because it does not only give you an open space but it also helps you with keeping the indoors clean. Most children parties take place during the day time which means you will also have access to natural light – making it the perfect time for clicking pictures too.

  • Birthday in a box

This idea is similar to finding a birthday gift but differs in such a way that you are packing multiple fun activity ideas in one box. So the basic idea is to find some activities your child loves and packing them in a box to keep them engaged all day long considering they can’t go out in the pandemic situation. It can be anything ranging from loads of gaming CDs to books or even playing items, anything the kid is interested in.

  • Decorate every inch of house

Collect all the supplies which you find all around your house. It can be party balloon Dubai, banners, streamers, ribbons and posters. Get crafty and creative with it all types of decor because there is nothing more fun than finding decor in every corner of the house. You can even leave the decor on for a few days and reminisce the moment.

  • Baking competition

If you tell us your kids don’t like baking then they must be mistaken about the idea of baking. Get the right colourful supplies in and tell them what amazing things can be created. Or directly move to the icing part with readymade muffins and plain cake. This is one of the sweetest quarantine activities you can opt for as this is how you cover up for cake and entertainment in one go.

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