Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Business Setup Consultant

There are many questions to ask before hiring a business set up company in Dubai, but you need to be sure that you choose the right one for your needs. Aside from their expertise, you should also consider their experience, which means they have already been in the same shoes as you. In addition, they have probably been through tough times and survived. As such, you can be sure that they will be opinionated and will not be a ‘yes-man’ in the business world.

Could you show a sample of your previous work?

Before hiring a business setup consultant, you should know about their previous work. Whether you are hiring a business setup consultant based on a referral from a friend or based on their reputation, you need to make sure that their portfolio is impressive. By asking them about their past work, you will get a good idea of their expertise and if they can meet your needs. This is also an excellent way to see whether you will like their style.

What is your payment structure?

The final thing to check before hiring a business setup consultant is their payment structure. This is important for your budget. Many consultants will require a percentage upfront and the rest upon completion, but you should also ask about their cancellation policy. You need to know if they will charge you to terminate the contract. Often, they will need a month’s notice before canceling the contract.

What are your termination policies?

It is also essential to know the termination policies. A consulting firm may not have the best policies for termination fees, but you can negotiate the terms with them. In addition, the terms of the contract should be clear and transparent.

Ask about their testimonials and case studies?

A good consultant should offer testimonials and case studies highlighting their previous work. It would help if you were looking for references to ensure the quality of the service. If the company has a lot of satisfied clients, this is a good sign. However, if you are unsure, you can negotiate the terms. You can even negotiate the termination fees. Aside from getting information about the terms, you should also know any hidden charges. Before hiring business set-up consultants, you should make sure to ask these questions.

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