A Good Quality Watch - The Six Characteristics You Should know

Whether you’re buying a new watch or are just considering buying one, there are certain characteristics you should be looking for. These characteristics will help you determine if the watch you’re buying is a quality watch. Find here some key characteristics when buying the best watches for men in Dubai.

Look for water resistant:

One of the most important characteristics you should look for is water resistance. A quality watch will be water resistant to 3ATM or more. This means that you can take your watch into the pool or wash your hands without fear of water damage.

Look for quality material:

Another important characteristic to look for is the quality of the materials used to build the watch. A quality watch will use a higher grade of stainless steel. This means that it will be more resistant to corrosion than a watch made from lower-grade stainless steel. The higher grade steel used by quality watch brands is 316L steel, which is the highest purity level of steel.

Consider the finish of the watch:

The finish of the watch is also a key quality. Many cheap watches use a single type of polishing. A quality watch uses multiple machining processes to create a variety of finishes. Some watch brands create their proprietary materials.

Look for light-up space:

Another quality feature you should look for is a light-up face. Some watches are designed with this feature to allow you to use the watch at night without having to wind it up. This is fun to play with once in a while, but it’s not the most common feature.

Look for in a watch a quartz movement:

Another quality feature you should look for in a watch is a quartz movement. Quartz movements contain fewer moving parts, making them more accurate. Quartz movements use battery power to send an electrical impulse to the quartz crystal. When the battery dies, the watch’s movement will wind itself automatically. Quartz movements also give you a “ticking” second hand. If the watch uses a quartz movement, you’ll be able to see it on the back of the watch.

Look for a leather strap:

Lastly, a quality watch should have a leather strap. Leather isn’t completely waterproof, but it’s lighter and provides a traditional look. It’s also less durable, so you may want to consider another material if you plan on wearing the watch frequently.

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