Bespoke Suits And What You Should Know About It

Bespoke or tailor made suits in Dubai are much more expensive than regular ones. However, you should keep in mind that these suits are made from scratch to fit your exact body measurements. This means that they will last a lot longer and provide you with the perfect fit. Also, be sure to choose fabrics of high quality, such as wool or cashmere. These fabrics are usually from well-known Italian mills, so they command a higher price.

Bespoke suits cost more than custom-made suits:

Customized suits offer more personalized service and require several fittings. However, bespoke suits are not always suitable for everyday wear. The process of bespoke suits involves several stages, from choosing the fabric to cutting and stitching it. Traditionally, bespoke suits were only purchased by the wealthy and were made by family members. Depending on your needs, you may even be able to choose a custom-designed suit with a different pattern or lapels than your standard suit.

They last longer:

Custom-made suits will keep their shape and style better than store-bought suits. Good quality fabric will resist shrinkage and fading and stay true to size even after years of wear. Quality fabric is made from two-ply yarn, which is a key element in the durability of a suit. The highest quality fabric is woven from natural wool, while the lower quality ones are made from synthetic fibers or reconstituted wool (think chicken nuggets). The quality fabric has a rich, deep color. A low-quality fabric will appear cheap and unprofessional.

They provide a perfect fit:

A custom-made suit is designed with the exact measurements of your body. A designer or tailor uses these measurements to make the fabric and pattern for the suit. They should cut the fabric from the same fabric for the best fit and consistency. After the fabric is cut, the tailor assembles it to create the perfect suit for you.

They are built from scratch to your measurements:

A custom-made suit is made to your precise measurements, and the price can vary considerably depending on how much hand-sewing is involved, the type of fabric used, and the trimming. The cost can vary from a few hundred pounds to several thousand pounds, so it’s important to compare costs before making a decision.

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