How to Make Your Exhibition Stand More Attractive

Adding color and creativity is the best way to notice your exhibition stand. Using concept art can help some businesses stand out from their competitors. For others, a taster session of their products can help attract visitors. A few robots in UAE can also be used as promotional materials. A stand can be as simple or elaborate as you want it to be. However, if you want to go all out, you should invest in a professional design.

Add text to your stand:

Adding text to your stand is another great way to make it stand out. This is a tried and tested way to grab people’s attention. Use short sentences and use active verbs. Ideally, the text should be on the top half of your stand to draw attention to your logo and company name. It should also be in large, clear font and positioned somewhere prominent on your stand. The key to making a memorable impact is to use striking images to attract attention.

Use bold colors to draw attention to your stand:

If you’re planning to use more than one color, keep it to three to avoid making a stand too busy. Using your brand’s existing branding is also a good way to add interest to your exhibition stand. For instance, flooring or modular display elements can be used as a core feature. Choose your images carefully. While large images may not immediately impact, striking ones can strongly impact.

Add on-stand giveaways:

Adding on-stand giveaways is another tried and tested method of attracting visitors. Try incorporating your gifts into the design. For example, if your stand is in a food hall, you could put shiny apples in cylinders. Consider incorporating a coffee or cocktail station to add even more incentives for drinks. Then, be sure to have a stock of freebies in reserve.

Try incorporating technology:

If you’re looking to make your exhibition stand more attractive, try incorporating technology. Nowadays, people are used to technology, and it’s no surprise that your exhibition stand should include the same. Even though it can seem like a small addition, adding technology to your exhibition stand will increase its appeal. One of the most common ways to incorporate technology is to place HD screens throughout your exhibition stand. These screens will display your branding and the brand identity of your company.

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