Looking for a Villa Rental? 12 Tips to Make the Perfect Choice!

You’ve been searching for a villa rental in Mykonos, but can’t seem to find the perfect one. We know how frustrating this can be! If you’re looking for some advice on what to look for in a villa rental, we have 12 tips that will help make your decision easier and ensure you’ll have an amazing vacation experience. Here are our best suggestions:

Tip #1: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Start searching for a villa rental as far ahead of time as possible to ensure you get the perfect spot by the beach, pool or elsewhere on site. Most importantly, start looking for your villa rental in the off season! This is when prices are lowest and you can get more bang for your buck.

Tip #2: Think about where you want to be within each resort area and look at several locations before deciding which is best suited for you.

Tip #3: Check out the resorts website first! Many have great photos that will give you an idea of what it looks like inside and outside, plus different amenities available such as a breakfast buffet or fitness center. Make sure whatever location works best for your needs has those features included in their rates if they are important to you

Tip #4: Size matters – Make sure to pick a villa that can comfortably accommodate your group size. It’s no fun squeezing into one bedroom when there are six of you sharing the space!

Tip #5: Ask questions! When looking at photos and reading descriptions, be sure to ask any specific questions about things like bedding arrangements, Wi-Fi availability or whether the kitchen is stocked with cookware if that’s important to you.

Tip #6: Allocate enough time to make sure every guest has separate accommodations. If all of your guests aren’t booking their own rooms, try not to cram them into one room together. It’s just not worth it if they’re uncomfortable or unhappy with where they’re sleeping at night because this will most likely lead to unhappiness during vacation which isn’t what you want!

We hope these tips will help make finding your perfect villa rental a breeze ! Happy Travels!

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