What Should You Carry In Your School Bag?

Before you pack your school bag in Dubai, you’ll need to figure out what you need. You can start by following the official school supply list. You can reuse any items from last year if your child hasn’t used them. Also, if you’re traveling light, you can keep a few items from your last year’s school bag. In this way, you’ll have less to carry on your trip.

Travel mugs:

If you have a child who drinks a lot of coffee, consider packing a travel mug for her. Most mugs come with a straw or a small hole so you can clean the inside. These mugs are dishwasher-safe and have leak-proof lids. They’re dishwasher safe, but choose a mug with a straw-compatible lid. The lid should be easy to open and close.

Stylus pen:

Keeping a stylus pen in your school bag is easy to ensure your student is productive. Touch screens have become a daily occurrence, so you must always have a handy pen with you. Touch screens are especially convenient to keep in your school bag since they’re everywhere. You can also store them in an outside pocket. 


If you’re worried about the amount of junk in your school bag, consider buying a bullet journal. These tiny notebooks can hold all kinds of things, from poetry ideas to sleep patterns. Some people even keep track of their student finances in their bullet journals. Others keep a collection for each subject, listing research projects, papers to read, and more. Whatever your purpose, there’s a bullet journal for you! Here are some great ways to make your bullet journal a valuable addition to your school bag.


Keeping folders in your school bag is an excellent way to keep your belongings organized and prevent a cluttered backpack. One folder can store your textbooks, loose sheets, and other papers. Multiple folders are also useful if you plan on switching out your school bag frequently. Folders can also save you space by keeping your most important papers within easy reach. 

Toiletry items:

If you’re a student moving to a new dorm or school, you’ll want to pack a toiletry bag. Toiletry items such as toothbrushes, floss, and face wash are essential to a successful move. Ensure to include a couple of extras, such as contact lenses and a mirror. You should include shampoo, conditioner, ponytail holders, and feminine products in your bag.

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